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Oregon School Psychologists Association

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The mission of OSPA is to support school psychologists through advocacy, professional development, and community partnerships to promote excellence in education, mental health, and diversity.



We strive to accomplish this mission through our focus on the following strategic priorities:

Professional Advocacy

OSPA works to promote the NASP Practice Model, enhance recruitment and retention of school psychologists in Oregon, and inform policy makers of the role of the school psychologist.

Professional Development

OSPA strives to provide high quality professional development that is relevant to Oregon school psychologists, develops their competencies, and builds their capacity to create positive outcomes for students.

Community Engagement

OSPA endeavors to cultivate partnerships with similarly focused local and state agencies, collaborate with school psychology training programs, and participate in philanthropic activities that benefit our communities.

Member Engagement

OSPA aims to engage our members through developing leadership, connecting our members through networking and social opportunities, and encouraging mentorship opportunities throughout the state.

Mental Health

OSPA promotes the importance of mental health in schools, the acknowledgement of school psychologists as mental health providers, and the need for resources and training related to mental health.

Diversity and Equity

OSPA supports the need to diversify the field of school psychology in Oregon, the implementation of culturally competent practices, and a commitment to equity among various student and family populations.


The Oregon School Psychologists Association (OSPA) is a nonprofit professional association representing school psychologists in the state of Oregon.

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