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Oregon’s School Psychology Leaders

The following individuals have stepped forward to donate their time and effort to improve the profession of school psychology by taking leadership roles. Some are elected; some are appointed. Without them, the Oregon School Psychologists Association could not exist.

Please give them the benefit of your opinions and ideas for improving OSPA services, as well as your appreciation. If you have 5, 15, or 50 minutes to contribute – let one or more of these leaders know. Many hands make the work lighter!


Your 2020-2021 OSPA Board

Calley Ekberg

Location:  Portland, OR
Place of work: 
Portland Public Schools

Professional Interests:  Examining disproportional placement of students of color in special education, psychological first aid, and trauma informed care

Hobbies:  Bodybuilding, reading true crime books, antiquing, traveling to warm places

Contact:  presidentelect.ospa@gmail.com

Moira McKenna

Location:  Eugene, OR
Place of Work:
  Springfield Public Schools
Professional Interests: 
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS), school-wide literacy, trauma informed practices, social emotional learning, educational equity
Time with family, camping, travel, and gardening

Karley Strouse


Location:  Willamina, OR
Place of Work:  Salem-Keizer Public Schools
Professional Interests:  Culturally and linguistically diverse learners, culturally reaffirming practices, advocacy for minoritized students
Hobbies:  Playing with my daughter, hiking, walking my dogs, traveling

Contact:  presidentelect.ospa@gmail.com

Emma Morgan-McLeod

Location:  Portland, OR

Place of Work:  Beaverton School District

Professional Interests: Culturally responsive assessment and instruction, school climate, cognitive behavioral therapy.

Hobbies:  Adventuring with my friends and family in Oregon; climbing, trail running, surfing, and snowboarding.

Contact:  treasurer.ospa@gmail.com

Lisa Baker

Location:  Portland, OR

Place of Work:  North Clackamas School District (Intern), student at Lewis & Clark College

Professional Interests:  Advocacy, government/professional relations

Hobbies:  Playing with my pet rabbit, playing the saxophone, reading

Contact:  secretary.ospa@gmail.com

Mason Rivers
NASP Delegate for Oregon

Location:  Portland, OR
Place of Work:  Beaverton School District
Professional Interests:  Dialectical Behavior Therapy, advocacy, leadership, and cognitive assessment
Hobbies:  Movies, running, playing with my dog, and thai food
Contact:  rivers.mason@gmail.com

Grace L'Orange

Director-at-Large 1

Location:  Eugene, OR
Place of Work:  Pleasant Hill School District
Professional Interests:  Suicide prevention, social-emotional learning, inclusive universal design, positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS)
Hobbies:  Gaming, painting, reading, baking, scary movies, snuggling with my dogs

Contact:  atlargedirector1.ospa@gmail.com

Danea deGlee
Director-at-Large 2

Location:  Eugene, OR
Place of work:  Bethel School District
Professional Interests:  RTIi for reading and math, culturally responsive evaluations
Contact:  daneadeglee@gmail.com

[Open Position]

Director-at-Large 3

Contact:  atlargedirector3.ospa@gmail.com

[Open Position]

Director-at-Large 4

Contact:  atlargedirector4.ospa@gmail.com

[Open Position]
Director-at-Large 5

Contact:  atlargedirector5.ospa@gmail.com

Our Student Representatives

Each year, student representatives from local universities are chosen or elected to serve as a part of the leadership of OSPA.  This is a great opportunity for students to network for jobs, meet school psychologists from around the state, and learn more about the field of school psychology in the state of Oregon.  Our student representatives provide us with very helpful information about their training programs and give us a student perspective on being a member of OSPA.


Anni Chatterton
Student Committee Chair

Student Representative, Lewis and Clark

Location:  Portland, OR
Place of Work:  Beaverton School District

Professional Interests:  Trauma-informed practices, Family-school connections, anti-racist assessment and intervention practices

Hobbies:  Hiking, camping, painting, board games

Contact:  annichatterton@lclark.edu

James Whisenhunt
Student Representative, University of Oregon

Location:  Eugene, OR
Place of Work:  Springfield Public Schools (Practicum)
Professional Interests:  Early literacy, universal academic and behavioral systems, LGBTQ+ student supports, equity in public education
Hobbies:  Disc gold, hiking, collecting vinyl records, multi-player video games

Contact:  jwhisen2@uoregon.edu

Abiola Taiwo
Student Representative, University of Oregon

Location:  Eugene, OR
Place of Work:  University of Oregon (Teaching Assistant), Oregon Social Learning Center/ODI (Advanced Practicum)

Professional Interests:  ABA applications in schools, behavioral assessments and interventions, family/school collaborations, parent and teacher training.

Hobbies:  Reading, cooking, baking, hiking

Contact:  ataiwo@uoregon.edu

Lily Harrison (she/hers)
Student Representative, Lewis and Clark

Location:  Salem, OR
Place of Work:  Linn Benton Lincoln, ESD (Intern)
Professional Interests:  Trauma-informed practices, anti-racist education reform, disability studies in education
Hobbies:  Camping, reading, baking

Contact:  lillian@lclark.edu

Monica Garcia

Student Representative, George Fox University - Class of 2022

Location:  Gresham, OR
Place of Work:  Gresham-Barlow School District (Internship)
Professional Interests:  Academic/Learning assessment and intervention practices, BIPOC student support, Family/School/Community collaborations, multilingual research
Hobbies:  Baking, hiking, painting, traveling

Contact:  garciam17@georgefox.edu

Nicole Witthuhn

Student Representative, University of Oregon

Location:  Eugene, OR
Place of Work:  Eugene 4J (Practicum)
Professional Interests:  Family/School collaborations, low-incedence developmental disabilities, kindergarten transition
Hobbies:  Embroidery, knitting, baking, hiking

Contact:  nwitthuh@uoregon.edu


The Oregon School Psychologists Association (OSPA) is a nonprofit professional association representing school psychologists in the state of Oregon.

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