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Oregon School Psychologists Association

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Survey / Research Study Participation

All survey/research study inquires will be forwarded to the chair of the Public Relations committee. The Public Relations committee will determine whether or not the request meets the following criteria:

  • The request must include a brief summary of the survey/ research study.
  • The request must provide proof of IRB approval.
  • The content or focus of the survey/ research study must align with the vision, mission, and strategic priorities of OSPA.

If the PR committee determines that the request meets for above criteria, the inquirer will be ask to provide the text that will be disseminated, including the link to the survey. Maximum 100 words.

Survey/ research study links that meet the above criteria will be compiled and disseminated in one e-mail blast to active OSPA members. That e-mail will be sent on the weekday closest to the 15th of the month, each month. Links will also be maintained on a page of OSPA’s website.

Contact Lisa Baker at


Approved and Updated by OSPA Board of Directors, 10/2022

The Oregon School Psychologists Association (OSPA) is a nonprofit professional association representing school psychologists in the state of Oregon.

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