Kenneth W. Merrell Legacy Scholarship

I think it’s a great blessing when we can find contentment and pleasure in the simple, small, and wonderfully ordinary things of life, and to be able to focus on those moments instead of what might or might not be. For me right now, those small simple things can come in the form of a few hours of good sleep at night that is undisturbed by frequent waking or bad dreams; the warm embrace of a loved one; being able to enjoy eating a meal or snack without complications; looking back at the past hour or two and realizing I was so involved in a task or activity that the idea of sickness or cancer was not present in my thoughts during that time; having the sunlight break through the clouds and fall on me through my window; having those occasional times when I feel spiritual connectedness or enlightenment. And this little list goes on. Those are my little miracles right now and I like the feeling of being grateful when I recognize them.”

“The Kenneth W. Merrell Legacy Scholarship supports outstanding graduate students who demonstrate strong promise for leadership and service in school psychology. The scholarship is named in honor of Kenneth W. Merrell, PhD, in recognition of his stewardship in the field and profession. This scholarship project represents a unified effort among students, faculty, and members of the College of Education community who had the honor of calling Ken a mentor, colleague, and friend. Once endowed, the scholarship will honor his legacy in perpetuity.”
-Dean Michael Bullis

The Ken Merrell Legacy

Ken received his PhD in school psychology from the University of Oregon in 1988 and returned to his alma mater in 2001 to lead the School Psychology program. He founded the Oregon Resiliency Project – a research, training, and outreach effort aimed at the study of social and emotional learning and promotion, social-emotional assessment, and intervention practices in schools. He developed six rating scales that significantly contributed to assessment methodologies and intervention practices for children. In 2011, he was awarded with the Senior Scientist Award, the highest recognition given by the APA’s Division of School Psychology. His work is nationally and internationally regarded and provided a research home to many students.

Ken’s commitment to teaching, advising, and mentoring students is unsurpassed. He received the Distinguished Teaching Award from the UO College of Education and the Outstanding Contribution to Training Award from the Trainers in School Psychology organization. A study published in The School Psychologist (Davis et al., 2005) ranked Merrell first in collaborating with graduate student authors. In 2011, the University of Oregon honored his research, teaching, and service with the prestigious title of professor emeritus. Ken Merrell’s research career was matched only by his undying commitment to his students and his service to both the college and the university.

Please make checks payable to the University of Oregon Foundation, with “In memory of Ken Merrell” on the memo line.

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