Oregon Jobs Information

In Oregon, the independent Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) handles licensure for all public school professional employees. You will want to contact them to find out what credentials you need to present in order to obtain your license to practice. If you are already a “Nationally Certified School Psychologist” (NCSP) as determined by the National School Psychology Certification Board, then you will find that some of the prerequisites – such as obtaining a passing score on a written exam – have already been completed. Oregon is proud that it closely examines every candidate, so you will notice there is no “reciprocity” with any other state. You will need to take action to qualify.

Many school districts post jobs and accept applications via EdZapp.  You can also create customized searches for just the job and area you want.

For example, it is fairly certain you will need to get a Red Cross first aid card and pass an examination over Oregon’s non-descrimination laws regardless of your other preparation. Most likely, your first license will be called “initial” and you will have to complete certain tasks in order to renew it. If you complete all assigned tasks, have a record of successful employment as a school psychologist within the state, and do not have any arrests on your record, you will be able to convert your initial license into a “continuing” license. The continuing license can be renewed by obtaining Continuing Professional Development.

If you wish to have a private practice in Psychology, then you must obtain a license from the Board of Psychologist Examiners www.oregon.gov/OBPE/index.shtml. This Board is entirely separate from TSPC.